Who are we?

Aromas y Sabores Técnicos S.A. (ASTEK) is a 100% Costa Rican company dedicated to the design, manufacture and distribution of flavorings and colorants for the food products sector, as well as fragrances and colorants across the industrial sector.

Our Products

We create flavorings, fragrances and colorants that add to your brand. We design exclusive products for our clients: the variety of scents, flavors and colors we offer make the difference, delighting all the senses.

  • Fragrances
  • Flavors
  • Colorings


ASTEK has created a wide range of fragrances for a variety of industrial uses and in a variety of presentations. Our fragrances emerge from the creativity and technical knowledge of perfume specialists, each one of whom puts their unique stamp on the scents that allow our clients’ brands and products to stand out.

Industrial Division


ASTEK offers a wide range of flavorings that is growing every day thanks to the constant creation of new tastes and profiles by our dynamic Research and Development group.

Food Service Division


Color is an important factor within the sensations a food provides. ASTEK offers various presentations that can be tailored to the needs of clients and their production lines.

Industrial Division


We specialize in fragrances, colorants and flavorings for the industrial sector.
We work on the cutting edge to establish ourselves as a strategic partner in an increasingly competitive market. Our contribution is key in the development of products that meet the needs of our clients and their production lines.



We harness innovation to create food products that incorporate a variety of flavors and colors, making them stand out on your customers’ palates.

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Our industrial division produces a wide range of liquid, powdered or water-soluble fragrances, as well as both liquid and powder colorants.

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ASTEK creates flavorings, colorants, fragrances and additives that improve the sensory characteristics of products for animals, contributing to animal well-being.

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We are working to reduce our carbon footprint as part of our commitment to the planet. In 2019, we are working on approximately 15 environmental projects. The installation of 160 solar panels, the optimization of our electric resources and the use of thermosolar energy for our hot water system have allowed us to reduce our electrical consumption by more than 90% at ASTEK.

Integrated Management System

ASTEK, with our firm commitment to provide products and services of outstanding quality made possible by our human resources, has developed and certified its Integrated Management System in four areas: Quality, Safety, Health and Occupational Safety, and Environment.

Research and Development

Fragrances, flavorings and colorants, made to order

Guided by experienced professionals with ample experience, using an interdisciplinary approach, our team seeks to discover new raw materials to meet new industry trends that are becoming more demanding and dynamic every day.


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