At ASTEK we renew the certifications

This 2020 Astek renews the certifications of its quality processes, consolidating its commitment to Triple Utility: environmental, economic and social...

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ASTEK announces the implementation of a new renewable clean energy project, strengthening business sustainability

The placement of 13 domes of innovative technology for the use of natural lighting, allows us to continue at the forefront in the incorporation and diversification of the different natural resources in the business energy matrix of ASTEK. There are already 17 environmental projects implemented, thus reinforcing the sustainability of the institution and the triple utility approach...

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Astek present at CACIA – SUMMIT RAW MATERIALS 2020

This event is relevant for the industry, as it brings together owners and professionals from the industries and purchasing managers in areas related to innovation, product development, marketing, sales, production and quality...

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Astek receives award for its contributions to the country’s Climate Actions

Astek received an award in recognition of its efforts toward climate change mitigation and the progress made by Costa Rica during the EFECTO COLMENA (HIVE EFFECT) event.

On Oct. 10, 2019, Costa Rica hosted PreCOP25, an event that provided the perfect platform for the country to position itself internationally as a laboratory for decarbonization and resilience. ...

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Astek attends CITA 2019

From September 17-19 2019, the Sixth International Congress in Food Sciences and Technology CITA2019, hosted by the National Center for Food Sciences and Technology (CITA) and the Costa Rican Association of Food Technology (ASCOTA), took place in Costa Rica.

The success of previous editions of the event has positioned it as one of the most important in the region, celebrated every five years to...

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