Astek received an award in recognition of its efforts toward climate change mitigation and the progress made by Costa Rica during the EFECTO COLMENA (HIVE EFFECT) event. 

On Oct. 10, 2019, Costa Rica hosted PreCOP25, an event that provided the perfect platform for the country to position itself internationally as a laboratory for decarbonization and resilience. 

The Costa Rican government planned to innovate during the event, going beyond traditional political negotiations to present and promote positive actions and ideas that are being developed in this country, as well as to exchange experiences related to potential solutions.

In addition, through the 2018-2050 Decarbonization Plan, the country has made a public commitment to go beyond the limits of usual global efforts and commitments to become a modern, green economy that is emissions-free, resilient and inclusive.

Astek is one of 125 companies that signed the commitment. The event was memorable for our company, as it recognized our contributions to climate action in Costa Rica. Astek is one of 12 companies from among the group of 125 committed businesses that has obtained the highest possible certification, Carbon Neutral Plus. That makes a difference, said Gladys Ponce, environmental manager and SYSO.