ASTEK begins the year 2020, implementing a new environmental project. The placement of 13 domes of innovative technology for the use of natural lighting, allows us to continue at the forefront in the incorporation and diversification of the different natural resources in the business energy matrix of ASTEK. There are already 17 environmental projects implemented, thus reinforcing the sustainability of the institution and the triple utility approach.

This project is extremely important because it is another link in the integration of clean and renewable energy in the ASTEK energy matrix, which is composed of, photovoltaic solar energy, thermo solar energy, automatic reuse of rainwater, incorporation of LPG in the substitution of traditional fuel for transport, a small percentage of utilization of electricity from the public network and an energy efficiency project that allows us to make a responsible and rational use of all the resources used. The installed domes have an advanced and innovative technology that allows a better capture, multiplication and diffusion of solar energy, available daily, in a clean and free way.

nuevo proyecto de energía limpia renovable

ASTEK natural lighting project