Our company has faced the global crisis against COVID 19 with three key pillars:

In addition to this:
We have raw materials to supply the needs of all our clients.
We comply with all the guidelines and protocols established by the different state institutions that apply to us.
We generate culture internally in relation to the health crisis, respect and consideration.
We address different psychosocial factors and prevent possible scenarios and their impact on the organization.
We maintain our high quality standards in our products and apply strict vigilance and compliance with established protocols.
We train, inform and protect our collaborators, seeking synergy at home.
We provide all the appropriate personal protective equipment to our group.
Likewise, we collaborate with other institutions in the definition and implementation of protocols, such is the case of the San Juan de Don Bosco Church.
ASTEK is committed to the continuous improvement of the quality control system, increasing the productivity of processes, and protecting the valuable human resource to achieve the full satisfaction of our clients in harmony with the environment and respecting the legislation that applies to us.