The colors and flavors of childhood are present this 2020. Natural colors remind us of the time to play and dream: red, yellow, green, blue. Color is an essential factor in creating sensations. Yellow stimulates our mind because it reminds us of the solar star and as a color in food, it awakens our appetite. Green and blue are excellent recommendations for hygiene products as they evoke nature and are especially suitable when accompanied by the ideal fragrance.

ASTEK has different presentations for aromas, colors and flavors that adjust to the needs of customers and their production processes for the development of their products, whether they are required for their application in the food industry or in the production of hygiene articles for home or personal use. In ASTEK, together with our clients, we work on the design of their products in such a way that they develop their own profile of aromas, colors and flavors for their creations, obtaining as a result: fragrances, colors and flavors to keep in the memory and in the heart.