Quality Focus

At ASTEK, we are committed to the manufacture and distribution of safe products for the food service sector so that our clients can use our products with confidence, and with knowledge that they will not introduce any risk into the foods they produce. In the same way, we have focused on manufacturing fragrances of exceptional purity and compatibility with a variety of industrial applications.

That is why ASTEK, in its firm mission to provide high quality products and services to its clients based on valuable human resources, has developed its Certified Integrated Management System, which uses as the pillars of its management models:

ISO-9001:2015, Quality Management
FSSC-22000, Food Safety System Certification
ISO 45001, Management of Safety and Occupational Safety
B5: 2016, Management of C-Neutrality

ASTEK has worked to meet clients’ specific needs and offers Kosher grade products certified by an internationally recognized entity.


ASTEK, a leader in the manufacture of fragrances and flavors, is committed to providing safe and high quality products. Through the continual improvement of its quality system, it will improve its productivity, protecting its valuable human resources to achieve full client satisfaction in harmony with the environment and in compliance with all relevant legislation.



To satisfy consumers’ tastes, continually improving every one of our areas of production and focusing our efforts on quality, service, training and international norms.



To be recognized as the best fragrance and flavoring company in Central America and the Caribbean, thereby:

  • Satisfying our customers
  • Building alliances with our providers
  • Living in harmony with our community and environment


ASTEK has three laboratories:

  • Product Design and Development for the Food Service Sector
  • Product Design and Development for the Industrial Sector
  • Quality Control

Guided by professionals from various areas and with significant experience, guaranteeing an interdisciplinary approach and focused on the search for new raw materials to address new trends in an industry that is more demanding and dynamic every day.

Our laboratories have cutting-edge equipment so we can carry out various tests:

  • Gas chromatography
  • UV-Visible spectophotometry