We are sustainable

Our processes are indelibly marked by our commitment to sustainability.

We are a leader in the manufacture of aromas, flavorings, fragrances and colorants, both for the food service sector and the industrial sector. Each of our processes has a sustainability seal based on a triple bottom line to guarantee that it is economically viable, socially beneficial and environmentally responsible.

ASTEK, as an ongoing process, identifies its stakeholders and generates actions, defines policies and adopts commitments. We are focused on creating a positive impact both inside and outside of our organization. We seek to work in compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and in balance between our three areas: economic, social and environmental.

The use of renewable energies such as thermal and photovoltaic solar power, the optimization and rational use of energy resources, the substitution of obsolete technologies, the integrated management of solid waste, efficient routes and hybrid vehicles – these are some of the projects that make possible our excellent environmental performance en route to decarbonization.

ASTEK does not shy from a challenge. We constantly evolve, adapt, reinvent, innovate, create impact, and become an ally for various stakeholders, achieving organizational sustainability through our triple bottom line.